• ICAEM is a comprehensive forum dedicated to the presentation and discussion of newly emerging ideas and concepts in the field of Applied and Engineering Mathematics.
  • ICAEM intends to bring together mathematicians, system designers and practicing engineers to gain cognizance of the researchers’ state-of-the-art findings, covering a wide domain of applications.
  • ICAEM, a not-for-profit event, aims to serve academia and industry.


Technical sessions will be structured around, but not limited to, the following areas.

  1. Aerodynamics
  2. Applications of Mathematics in Electrical Engineering
  3. Applications of Mathematics in Mechanical Engineering
  4. Applications of Mathematics in Information Technology
  5. Computational Fluid Dynamics
  6. Differential Equations and Applications
  7. Finite Element Analysis and Applications
  8. Fluid Mechanics
  9. Fractional Differential Equations and Applications
  10. General Relativity and Cosmology
  11. Nonlinear Analysis and Applications
  12. Numerical Methods/Analysis and Applications
  13. Pure and Applied Cryptography